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5 Tips For Buying A Gun Safe

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For Australian gun owners, gun safes are a legal necessity. Police will sometimes carry out gun safe inspections, so gun ownership laws shouldn’t be ignored or flaunted. You may have no choice as to whether or not to get a gun safe, but the type of gun safe you do get is entirely up to you. Especially if you share a house with children or other loved ones, you don’t want guns to end up in the wrong hands, so it’s important to get a gun safe that can’t be easily opened or stolen. Below are some important tips for choosing a gun safe. 1. Bolt It Down Certain types of safes can be “bounced” open (that is, the locking mechanism will fail when you drop it), so ideally you want a safe that is fixed to the home (particularly to a concrete floor), and cannot be lifted and dropped. 2. Check The Type Of Lock Not all locks are created equal. There has been a great deal of media attention paid to how easy it is to break into many varieties of gun safe, particularly the electronic keypad and mechanical dial locks. One source recommends three types of locks above all others. A combination lock with a security rating of UL 768. A robust key lock. A mechanical push-button combination lock. 3. Get Thick Steel Be wary of safes with very strong doors but weak bodies, as thieves will then go straight for the bodies, rendering the strength of the door irrelevant. One source recommends at least 10 gauge steel. Remember, a smaller gauge means a thicker steel. 4. Check The Internal Lock Work While the walls of the safe are necessary to note, consider also how easily the internal locking mechanisms could fail, break or bend. At the same time, consider the hinges, taking note to avoid external hinges that could be easily removed by thieves, and also noting the thickness and strength of the hinges. 5. Ensure It’s Fire Resistant Essentially every source you consult will advocate the importance of a fire resistant safe. It’s very likely that you will use your safe for things other than guns, including valuables that you wouldn’t want destroyed in the event of fire. As such, it pays to be confident that your safe can handle the heat. Gun safe salespeople (as well as the manufacturer’s website) can provide you information about the temperature the safe can withstand and for how long. In Conclusion While there are a large variety of models and types of safes out there, following the steps above should help you know what you’re looking for. It pays to take care with your safety decisions, especially when it comes to...

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Uniforms for private school teachers

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While it’s very common, indeed standard, for private schools to have student uniforms, it’s not common for teachers to wear uniforms. However, wearing a staff uniform can be a great way for teachers to project a professional corporate image that complements the image of the student body. The corporate uniform is a fully deductible expense for the school as well as being a source of tax deductions for the staff who can claim for cleaning any compulsory work uniform with a logo. Here are some brainstorming ideas for coming up with your own corporate uniform for your school. Start with the school uniform Start with the students uniform as inspiration. You can look at inverting the school colours (ie swapping the shirt and pant colours) and relaxing the lines of the uniform for more mature figures, as well as taking some inspiration from the historical school teachers uniforms. Look to some of the corporate uniform retailers for inspiration in corporate yet comfortable uniforms, and research if any alumni have gone into mainstream fashion design. The uniform is a great place to reference the school history and influences. Maintain some options Remember that teachers in different areas may have different movement requirements – so the physical education and drama teachers may find pencil skirts restrictive, and art teachers may like easy to clean pants. Keep a range of options in the staff uniform to support different requirements for the staff body, but also different body types – some female teachers prefer to always wear pants at work rather than skirts or dresses. Equally allowing teachers to modify some aspects of the uniform (by accessories or combinations of clothing items) helps the staff to maintain some creativity and individuality without sacrificing their professional appearance. Wide range of sizes Make sure that uniform is available in a wide range of sizes, so that no members of your staff are left out when it comes to sizing options. Consider offering free alteration services so that you don’t exclude staff of different proportions from wearing the uniform. Choose your battles You may not insist of staff wearing the school uniform for every work day, but ask for them to wear it at specific times of year including the first day of term and any special events where they are representing the school such as excursions or school competitions. This helps maintain the external image of the...

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Thanks a Bunch! How to Choose Great ‘Get Well Soon’ Flowers

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When a friend or loved one is laid up in bed, their mood and well being can be improved with the right kind of flowers. The wrong kind of flowers, on the other hand, may cause them to feel more ill and depressed so it’s a good idea to put a little extra thought into this classic get well gift. Receiving flowers,like those at Flowers Of Paradise, needn’t be a predictable bedside bore. You can really make someone’s day by making a personal and thoughtful choice at your local florist. Ditch the service station weeds for a garland with some gusto with our tips for choosing delightful get well soon flowers. Pick a Bouquet with Less…Bouquet Whether or not your intended recipient suffers with allergies, it’s usually a wise choice to pick flowers that are low on scent. Depending on their illness, a heady, overpowering aroma may cause sickness and dizziness in some people. Even if this is not the case, you should also take other patients and hospital staff, if applicable, into consideration. Flowering house plants such as Orchids and Chrysanthemums are a good choice since they are low in pollen and actually help reduce air pollutants. Roses, Daffodils and Carnations are also easy on the nose, since the pollen is inside the flower and not exposed to the air. Avoid Lilies, Chamomile and Daises at all costs, as these give off a very strong fragrance. Opt For the Safe, Small and Low-Maintenance Understandably, some hospital wards ban flowers since they can pose a hygiene risk and get in the way more than anything. The best get well soon flowers are ones that are fairly small in size so don’t pack your bouquet too full (beautiful things still come in small packages!). Secondly, if the hospital allows them, ensure the flowers are safe to bring into the patient’s ward or room. Inspect the flowers carefully for any bugs or dirt and rinse them thoroughly in cold water. If you choose an online flower delivery service, there’s a small chance that a bug may have found its way in transit, so always double check them first.   Thirdly, low-maintenance flowers are best all-round when someone is ill – hospital staff and carers are spared extra hassle and more importantly, your loved one will be able to enjoy them for longer. Lookout for flowers with woody stems – these are preferable to traditional stems since they take longer to become soggy, meaning the water will not need to be changed so often. If woody stems aren’t available to you, you can have the flowers arranged in floral foam – this holds the water in place inside the vase so that more will not need to be added so quickly. Choose a Long-Lasting Bunch Lastly, your ill friend or family member will appreciate flowers that stand the test of time (or at least see them through their recovery period). If the flowers wilt in a matter of days, it can serve as a bleak reminder of their time spent in hospital or confined to their bedroom, so pick some flora that stays in bloom for as long as possible. Potted house plants can last for weeks and even months at a time. Tropical flowering house plants such as the Spider plant and...

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4 Ways to Use Advertising Banners

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Banners can be a great promotional tool if used correctly. The most effective banners are simple, with bold headlines and only the information that is necessary for customers to know, such as the date, time and location of an event. But banners can be expensive to reproduce and can do harm to your reputation as well as your bank balance if used regularly. Here are four ways to use banner advertising in a sustainable way that will keep your customer and your accountant happen.   1. Use a pop up banner instead of a large banner. Pop up banners are curled within their metal or plastic casing and can be propped up by a pole that spans the length of the banner and conveniently folds away after use. Often the pop up banner inserts can be removed from the casing and recycled by the manufacturer. This means that you can continue using the casing and reduce the expense and waste of new banners by only ordering the banner itself for future events or campaigns.   2. Have your banner printed on cardboard. Many companies now produce recyclable banners made from mostly recycled cardboard. This is a great way of stayed eco-friendly when you need to promote a short campaign or annual event. Simply have the banner printed on cardboard, then after use recycle the banner at any cardboard recycling facility and have your next banner printed. You never know, your next banner could be made from the same cardboard as your previous banner. However cardboard can quickly disintegrate if left outside, so use them indoors or when weather permits.   3. Use recyclable vinyl for your banner. Vinyl is durable and perfect for use in wet, cold or hot weather. However you cannot simply throw vinyl away at your local recycling depot, instead, you need to send it back to the manufacturer and they will recycle it. Recyclable vinyl for advertising banners are a relatively new innovation and as such this can be a more expensive option. You can promote the fact that you are using recyclable materials. This could help to boost your reputation as an eco-friendly company, helping your customers to trust you and increasing your sales.   4. Leave spaces where the dates should go. If you’re promoting an annual event and don’t want the expense of recycling your banner every year, but need to change the dates, have the banner printed with a gap where the date should go. You can then use a removable adhesive or Velcro to put the date on when you use the banner. This will include an additional expense to produce the dates every year, but this will be minimal compared to the cost and resources used to create a whole new banner. Talk to advertising banner specialists such as Plaza Bazaar to learn more about designing and maintaining your...

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