4 Ways to Use Advertising Banners

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Banners can be a great promotional tool if used correctly. The most effective banners are simple, with bold headlines and only the information that is necessary for customers to know, such as the date, time and location of an event. But banners can be expensive to reproduce and can do harm to your reputation as well as your bank balance if used regularly. Here are four ways to use banner advertising in a sustainable way that will keep your customer and your accountant happen.  

1. Use a pop up banner instead of a large banner. Pop up banners are curled within their metal or plastic casing and can be propped up by a pole that spans the length of the banner and conveniently folds away after use. Often the pop up banner inserts can be removed from the casing and recycled by the manufacturer. This means that you can continue using the casing and reduce the expense and waste of new banners by only ordering the banner itself for future events or campaigns.  

2. Have your banner printed on cardboard. Many companies now produce recyclable banners made from mostly recycled cardboard. This is a great way of stayed eco-friendly when you need to promote a short campaign or annual event. Simply have the banner printed on cardboard, then after use recycle the banner at any cardboard recycling facility and have your next banner printed. You never know, your next banner could be made from the same cardboard as your previous banner. However cardboard can quickly disintegrate if left outside, so use them indoors or when weather permits.  

3. Use recyclable vinyl for your banner. Vinyl is durable and perfect for use in wet, cold or hot weather. However you cannot simply throw vinyl away at your local recycling depot, instead, you need to send it back to the manufacturer and they will recycle it. Recyclable vinyl for advertising banners are a relatively new innovation and as such this can be a more expensive option.

You can promote the fact that you are using recyclable materials. This could help to boost your reputation as an eco-friendly company, helping your customers to trust you and increasing your sales.  

4. Leave spaces where the dates should go. If you're promoting an annual event and don't want the expense of recycling your banner every year, but need to change the dates, have the banner printed with a gap where the date should go. You can then use a removable adhesive or Velcro to put the date on when you use the banner. This will include an additional expense to produce the dates every year, but this will be minimal compared to the cost and resources used to create a whole new banner.

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18 November 2014

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