5 Tips For Buying A Gun Safe

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For Australian gun owners, gun safes are a legal necessity. Police will sometimes carry out gun safe inspections, so gun ownership laws shouldn't be ignored or flaunted. You may have no choice as to whether or not to get a gun safe, but the type of gun safe you do get is entirely up to you. Especially if you share a house with children or other loved ones, you don't want guns to end up in the wrong hands, so it's important to get a gun safe that can't be easily opened or stolen. Below are some important tips for choosing a gun safe.

1. Bolt It Down

Certain types of safes can be "bounced" open (that is, the locking mechanism will fail when you drop it), so ideally you want a safe that is fixed to the home (particularly to a concrete floor), and cannot be lifted and dropped.

2. Check The Type Of Lock

Not all locks are created equal. There has been a great deal of media attention paid to how easy it is to break into many varieties of gun safe, particularly the electronic keypad and mechanical dial locks. One source recommends three types of locks above all others.

  1. A combination lock with a security rating of UL 768.
  2. A robust key lock.
  3. A mechanical push-button combination lock.

3. Get Thick Steel

Be wary of safes with very strong doors but weak bodies, as thieves will then go straight for the bodies, rendering the strength of the door irrelevant. One source recommends at least 10 gauge steel. Remember, a smaller gauge means a thicker steel.

4. Check The Internal Lock Work

While the walls of the safe are necessary to note, consider also how easily the internal locking mechanisms could fail, break or bend. At the same time, consider the hinges, taking note to avoid external hinges that could be easily removed by thieves, and also noting the thickness and strength of the hinges.

5. Ensure It's Fire Resistant

Essentially every source you consult will advocate the importance of a fire resistant safe. It's very likely that you will use your safe for things other than guns, including valuables that you wouldn't want destroyed in the event of fire. As such, it pays to be confident that your safe can handle the heat. Gun safe salespeople (as well as the manufacturer's website) can provide you information about the temperature the safe can withstand and for how long.

In Conclusion

While there are a large variety of models and types of safes out there, following the steps above should help you know what you're looking for. It pays to take care with your safety decisions, especially when it comes to guns.


20 January 2015

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