Two tips shoppers should follow when going to deceased estates' clearance events

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Here are two tips that shoppers should follow when going to deceased estates' clearance events.

They should use their smartphones to look up the brand names of the items that are for sale

Shoppers who go to these events should try to have their smartphones with them so that they check out the brand names of the items that are for sale. The first reason for this is that many of the items that are up for sale at these events are ones that are quite old and were in the deceased's home for most of their life. As such, it's quite possible that many young shoppers won't be familiar with some of the brand names of the items they find. If they cannot search for these brand names whilst they're at an event, they might end up overlooking goods made by older brands that were previously known for producing very high-quality products.

If a shopper can look up the name on the back of, for example, some pretty dinnerware that's for sale, they might discover that the brand it was made by was, in the past, famed for making dinnerware that is now considered to be rare and produced to a high standard. They could then end up purchasing this special dinnerware for a very affordable price (as at these events, items are typically priced very affordably). 

They should try to imagine what certain older items could look like with a bit of TLC

At deceased estates' clearance events, it's common for the items that are for sale to have been stowed away in, for example, the deceased's attic or cabinets for many years or for them to have been in heavy use by the deceased throughout their whole life. As such, some of the oldest items might be tarnished, dusty or in need of some deep cleaning. However, there are often some wonderful antique treasures to be found at these events. Given this, it's important for shoppers not to overlook items that they like but which are not in perfect, as-new condition. Instead, they should try to imagine what certain items could look like if they were spruced up a bit.

For example, a beautifully-designed but tarnished antique brass candleholder could be given a new lease of life in less than an hour, with some polishing cloths and a tarnish-removing product. Likewise, a person could restore the look of an old wooden grandfather clock, whose surface looks scuffed and dull, by spending some time buffing its surface with some wax. In short, if shoppers are willing to look beyond the small flaws of the older items that are for sale and give these items a bit of TLC after they buy them, they could find some wonderful bargains. 

For more information about deceased estates' clearance sales, contact a local professional.


13 December 2022

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