Uniforms for private school teachers


While it's very common, indeed standard, for private schools to have student uniforms, it's not common for teachers to wear uniforms. However, wearing a staff uniform can be a great way for teachers to project a professional corporate image that complements the image of the student body. The corporate uniform is a fully deductible expense for the school as well as being a source of tax deductions for the staff who can claim for cleaning any compulsory work uniform with a logo.

7 January 2015

Thanks a Bunch! How to Choose Great 'Get Well Soon' Flowers


When a friend or loved one is laid up in bed, their mood and well being can be improved with the right kind of flowers. The wrong kind of flowers, on the other hand, may cause them to feel more ill and depressed so it's a good idea to put a little extra thought into this classic get well gift. Receiving flowers,like those at Flowers Of Paradise, needn't be a predictable bedside bore.

26 November 2014