Flowers That Should Always Feature in Your Regular Deliveries


Making floral arrangements at home is a relaxing way to unleash your creative genius. When you fill your home with flowers, you transform it from an everyday space to one that's serene and soothing. If you are about to start using a flower delivery service, here are some fresh-cut flowers that should always feature in them.

Gypsophila/Baby's Breath

As the ultimate filler flower, Gypsophilia flowers can act as the perfect backdrop for almost any other fresh cut flower. They have astounding staying power too, with many of them maintaining their fresh look for over 10 days. They are also a low-cost flower, which means you can use them to beautify your displays without spending too much money.


As the national flower of Holland, tulips come in an array of exciting colours. Because of this, they make it easy for you to diversify the floral displays throughout your home. The colour you choose can give your display different meanings too. You can use purple for a regal feel, pink for loving vibes, and white for serenity. Tulips last for around five days in a vase.


As the ultimate romantic flower, roses are often associated with elegance and luxury. A bouquet of roses on its own can symbolise love and desire, making them ideal for when you want to create a romantic setting in any room. When they have colour, they usually have a dramatic impact. By choosing those that are yellow, you can fill any room with joy. Once in a vase, your roses should last for a week.   


Delphinium represents cheerfulness and goodwill. They make an excellent addition to flower delivery services when you're trying to bring positive vibrations into your home. They also look as good dried as they do fresh. Because of this, if you're looking for a longer-lasting bouquet you can order a dried version and enjoy its beauty for longer. In their fresh form, they will last for around seven days in a vase.


Heather is perfect for giving your bouquets and displays a rustic feel. Its colours range from gentle whites through to bright bursts of purple that can bring any bouquet to life. It also has an enticing smell, which becomes especially potent when you allow a fresh breeze to flow through your windows. If you change the vase's water regularly, your heather can live for up to two weeks.


13 September 2021

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